XYZT Spotlight: Shifting Clouds

Is it possible to be one and many at the same time?

That's the question posed by Shifting Clouds, one of the ten installations that make up XYZT: Abstract Landscapes by artists Adrien M & Claire B.

In this interactive piece, the guest's body is captured by a kinetic camera and transposed as countless image particles that mirrors back their silhouette on an oversized screen. As with all the pieces in XYZT, those particles are inspired by nature and are meant to mimic a school of fish or swarm of bees forming a shape steered by the guest's gestures.

The closer one stands to the piece, the more concise of a silhouette will form, while further away from the pieces, a more abstract silhouette will follow. The best way to interact with it? By using those dance moves to explore it fully.

Check out Shifting Clouds along with nine other interactive installations on display daily at ARTECHOUSE Miami until September 2, 2019.

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